Ship Types


Ship Types


Offshore ships are used to support offshore installations such as drilling rigs. An Anchor Handling Tug and Supply vessel (AHTS) will tow the oil rigs to different locations while a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) will supply the installations with cargo.


Construction ships are ships that primarily aid in the construction of various high seas structures.


A passenger ship’s primary function is to carry passengers on the sea for leisure. Some cruise ships can carry 1000s of passengers at any one time.


Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) ships are cargo ships designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter.


A tanker is a ship designed to transport or store liquids or gases in bulk. Major types of tankers include the oil tanker, the chemical tanker, and the gas carrier.

Bulk Carrier

A bulk carrier is a ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, ore, steel coils and cement, in its cargo holds.


Container ships are cargo ships that carry all of their cargo in truck-size containers, in a technique called containerisation.

Special Purpose

Special purpose ships are ships that are built for the carriage of a wide range of cargoes. Items even include carrying other ships.


A diving support vessel is a vessel that is used for the objective of diving into oceans. Divers, who dive into the middle of the sea as a part of the professional diving process, need proper diving support. This necessary support is provided by these ships.

Super Yachts

A super yacht is a large and luxurious pleasure vessel and is often available for charter with a staff that caters to guests at a high standard of comfort.


A fishing vessel is a boat or ship used to catch fish in the sea, or on a lake or river. Many different kinds of vessels are used in commercial, artisanal and recreational fishing.

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