Opportunity to rebuild the Australian Maritime Industry.

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Opportunity to rebuild the Australian Maritime Industry

The Coronavirus has opened up the inadequacy of Australia’s home grown manufacturing and dependency on foreign imports. As pointed out in last Mondays Q&A by former Deputy Prime minister John Anderson Australia’s short term reserves of oil are woefully deficient and we rely on the support of the USA (is this a good long term strategy for Australia?). There is general agreement these issues must be addressed and will be a major topic in post virus discussion. This MUST result  in a greater proportion of our current imports returning to Australian manufacturing and creation of jobs. We MUST, at the same time, address the lack of Australian controlled shipping so we are not totally reliant on foreign ships and crews to transport our cargoes and other shipping needs to and around our vast coastline. We MUST provide the opportunity for our youth to have careers in the Maritime Industry (ashore and afloat). We MUST provide training. We MUST provide properly for our and their future. As a major part of recovery from this virus created economic havoc we have the once in a lifetime opportunity to restructure the Australian Maritime Industry – let’s not waste it!
Ross Brewer