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EOY Donations To Offshore & Specialist Ships Australia

Members DGR Status Reminder

We remind OSSA members and family that the EOFY will occur on 30th June, and we are seeking financial support for ongoing activities including several project initiatives all of which are tax deductible where such support monies are received before 30th June 2021. As soon as contributions are received a Tax Receipt will be issued to the donor.
The specific initiatives requiring funding include:

  1. The Schools Careers Programme which is currently well underway in Victoria with an extension to other states later in the year (see our website for details of the Programme)
  2. Cataloguing of artefacts, collections and museum items currently on exhibition and in store.
  3. Restoration work to exhibition status of the Aurora Australis tank test model.
  4. Ongoing development of the website & social media platforms.

Donations can be made via this website.
OSSA’s Donation Webpage.
or via link
OSSA’s PayPal Donation Portal (PayPal or CC)