Seafarers – Salt of the Earth!

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16th June 2021

Seafarers – Salt of the Earth!

I have been disgusted at the way Seafarers have been and still are being treated around the world. The panic that has encompassed the world since Covid hit has created a complete void of humanitarian values. We have become greedy. Our leaders say they want international trade to flow and yet the very things needed for this to happen – SHIPS & SEAFARERS – are treated in the very worst way. There are two recent incidents which particularly horrified me. The Captain of the cargo ship m.v. Wave Advantage died on board in April 19 four days after departing from India to China. While Covid is not believed to be an issue in his death, “pandemic prevention measures” complicated repatriation of his body despite efforts by the vessel owners to countries along the route. The vessel is now at anchorage in China and Owners are still awaiting permission for this to happen. This incident follows a similar incident involving the Italian registered ship m.v. Ital Libra. In this case the captain died following an outbreak of Covid on board. The vessel was refused access to Asian ports and has been forced to return to Italy.

These are just two recent examples of how nations are treating Seafarers. There are many many more.

What have we become when we treat people in such a manner. If it was our sons or daughters in trouble we would beg for help.

Can we get a groundswell of international support to make our leaders stop their politicking, bring back our basic humanitarian instincts and work together.

Most of all help our Seafarers, who actually make international trade work and our economies grow.

SEAFARERS are the salt of the Earth. Let’s shout out loud to make everyone aware.

Ross Brewer