Ship Management


Ship Management

Human Resources

HR practices influence organizational performance and competitive advantage, and those organisations which deploy good people management practices reap the benefits.


Commercial departments provide commercial services such as chartering, vessel operations and insurance to its principals, the owners of ocean-going vessels.

Fleet Management

Fleet management helps manage and create an overview of all fleet and asset information between the main office and the vessels. Fleet management is essential to get the most operational insight out of the ship’s data across the company’s fleet.

Ship Construction

Complex activities concerned with the design and fabrication of all marine vehicles.


The principle function of any Procurement Manager is to source and purchase goods and services in line with any budget requirements. As a Shipping Procurement Manager, you may be responsible for a team of people who will work on your behalf and under your instruction.

Naval Architecture

A Naval Architect works as part of a team responsible for designing, producing and repairing safe, sea-worthy vessels. They work with a range of vessels including ships, ferries, submarines, and yachts.

Safety & Compliance

Ensuring that the marine quality, safety and security activities of the Company Fleet are at all times in full compliance with the industry and the company standards. They exercise responsibility for the marine quality and safety management of the company and also onboard managed vessels including environmental protection and security systems.

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