Offshore & Specialist Ships Australia would like your help.

As a member of the Offshore Industry you may have memorabilia in the way of photos artefacts or documents we would like to preserve.  Since mid 2017 we have been collecting memorabilia, artefacts and documents appertaining to the Australian Offshore Industry and other Specialist Vessels engaged in projects about Australia..

We are specifically looking for photos of campaigns you have been on or vessels where you have some historic views, this may be of people, events or vessels.  We welcome all, along with a bit of history to go with the photos.

If you have artefacts, paintings, prints, models or other items gathering dust in your garage and need a new home, we’re the place.

Our next Exhibition:

July 28 to August 18 at The Mission to Seafarers Victoria.

 An exhibition of ship models, artwork presented by Offshore and Specialist Ships Australia.

If you don’t have any, but would like to help by becoming part of the membership, support us by joining.  In Melbourne we meet weekly on Thursdays at the Mission To Seafarers.  We are planning to expand interstate as the Membership grows.

Membership is $50 P/A for individuals, $50 for other charitable organisations and $150 for company membership.

You can sign up on our website.


Why did I get this.

OSSA has canvased friends and acquaintances for contacts they have, connected in some way with, the Offshore or Specialist Ships, that have operated about Australian waters, that may be able to help us.  If you don’t wish to hear from us again please unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. Thank-you for your consideration.